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From overhanging branch removal to large-scale clearing, Budget Tree Service has your needs covered.

Vegetation Management

Professional pruning, trimming and general maintenance services for trees, shrubs and other vegetation.

Tree Removal

Our trained aborists will inspect problem trees on site before commencing safe, cost-effective tree removal and disposal.

Insurance Work

Our experienced, qualified team is ready to attend to domestic or commercial insurance jobs of any size.

Crown Lifting

We specialise in crown lifting (removing lower branches and trimming upper ones) to promote safe, healthy tree growth.

Dead Wooding

Removal of dead branches is essential for long-term tree health, and for the safety of your property during storm season.

Stump Removal

Our specialised equipment can remove unsightly or dangerous tree stumps, leaving your property clear of debris.

Arborist Reports

Our trained staff can prepare certified risk assessment and aborist reports to support your permit or development application.


Our crews are staffed by qualified, experienced professionals with the most up-to-date industry knowledge and training.

Qualified Arborist

Qualified Climbers


Our state-of-the-art equipment includes 19-metre and 22-metre EWP monitor lifts, large 18-inch wood chipper, mini digger and crane truck.

This equipment ensures our team’s safe work methods and allows us to complete your job as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

  • 15”, 18″ & 20” Woodchippers

  • 27m EWP Monitor Lift

  • Stump Grinders

  • Mini Loaders


During storm season, falling trees and branches are a hazard to you, your family and your property. Don’t attempt dangerous trimming or removal yourself – take advantage of our affordable storm preparation service, carried out by experienced aborists who have your family’s safety in mind.